Our Team

We are a company specializing in training for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industry focused on expanding and updating knowledge related to rapidly changing requirements for control and quality assurance processes. We have extensive professional experience, supported by qualifications in this area, gained while working in international companies related to pharmaceutical production.

  • Elżbieta Ruszała

    Training Specialist

    I am a microbiologist with years of experience gained in international pharmaceutical companies. I have extensive experience in investigating non-compliances, corrective actions, and in preventing and improving processes. Additionally, I have participated in numerous national GIF, European MHRA, and American FDA audits. I have also been involved in quality projects related to optimizing work, which I gained in management positions.

  • Wiesława Kuchta-Polak

    Development Specialist

    Microbiology is my passion. I have experience in microbiology and biotechnology, both in laboratory work using classical methods and the latest genetic engineering methods. I have experience in consultancy, organizing training, seminars in pharmaceutical microbiology, food, and environmental microbiology gained during many years of work in an international chemical-pharmaceutical company.

FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions regarding training and cooperation can be directed to Customer Service and Technical Information email addresses.

Customer Service: [email protected]
Technical Information: [email protected]
Elżbieta Ruszała: +48 880 563 723, [email protected]
Wiesława Kuchta-Polak: +48 455 409 099, [email protected]