Standard Training

Standard Trainings are conducted and coordinated by Elżbieta Ruszała and Wiesława Kuchta-Polak.

Trainings are aimed at:

  • Production Staff - specialized basic hygiene training, personnel movement, and behavior in various production areas.

  • Microbiological Laboratory Workers - trainings covering issues related to room organization, work, documentation management, as well as substantive performance of tests and assessment of method suitability.

  • Qualified Microbiology Specialists - dedicated training for individuals already qualified in microbiology, covering handling of deviations, not only microbiological ones.

  • Non-Microbiologists - special microbiological training for individuals outside the microbiology field, aimed at providing necessary knowledge in this area.

Training topics include:

  • Work organization in Quality Control and Microbiological Laboratory.
  • Development and training in Hygiene Plans.
  • Determination and qualification of clean rooms, determining control points.
  • Cleaning validation, development of control plans.
  • Preparation of documentation and practical skills in conducting microbiological method suitability.
  • Biofilm: assessment and prevention.
  • Reference and native strains - procedures.
  • Supporting materials, supplier qualification.
  • Other topics possible upon prior agreement

Individual Training

Tailored to the client's individual needs, conducted online by experienced contract trainers. Contact us, and we will customize the training program to your specific requirements.

  1. Contact our team

    We grow with your needs. Contact us, share your needs, and the VIANELI team will prepare a personalized training plan tailored to your educational goals. We are ready to provide you with the knowledge you need!
  2. Our team will prepare a training plan

    We will start with an in-depth consultation to understand your goals, areas of interest, and unique educational requirements. Based on the information obtained, we will adjust the training topics and issues to your specific needs, ensuring maximum usefulness. We will prepare training materials, taking into account specific requirements and preferences, to provide you with valuable knowledge.
  3. Handover of the training plan and final adjustments

    We are always ready to make final adjustments to ensure that the training plan perfectly meets your expectations. Our team is dedicated to creating a personalized training plan for you that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to start this exciting educational journey!

Our Team

Wiesława Kuchta-Polak

Wiesława Kuchta-Polak

Development Specialist
Elżbieta Ruszała

Elżbieta Ruszała

Training Specialist

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FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions regarding training and cooperation can be directed to Customer Service and Technical Information email addresses.

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